Saturday, August 19, 2017

Uppity White Folks Meet In Downtown Huntsville

Uppity white folks from the usually violent alt left held a rally in downtown Huntsville today advising that the confederate sentry on the square, obscured by a massive magnolia tree, be taken down.

There were at least two colored folks, one with a camera who appeared to be having breathing problems, and another who stridently carried the US flag across the front of the meeting.

During the event, the three alt right counter protesters assembled across the street at different times. The first one hollered at the fascist alt left calling them "fascist." Two other wrapped confederate flags around their shoulders like drying off at the swimming pool. One had to be escorted back to his side of the street by Huntsville police. It did not appear any arrests were made, but there was one tense moment when a vehicle drove by with the lone driver flying a cemetery sized confederate flag out the window.

I shook hands with Lee Roop who was on hand interviewing for his news organization.

Earlier Today there were at least three to five hundred people in a line at Star Market in Five Points, to buy solar eclipse glasses, that wrapped all the way around the restaurant that used to be Zestos, passed the laundry, and went back out to Andrew Jackson. (I think the street is still named that.) The line had subsided by noon, but I don't know if they sold out of the 10,000 pairs they were said to have available.

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